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For ages 5 +

Starting at $190

Now Available on Fridays evenings & Saturdays

(Sundays afternoons by appointment only)


Starting September 2020, there are now 2 birthday party options: 


1. Ninja Gym Time Only

2. Gym Time + basic party area reservation (If available)

(where YOU provide the party supplies and decor)

There are 2 options for ninja gym times: 

  1. 60-minutes with 30-minutes of instructor-led time & 30-minutes of open gym

  2. 90-minutes with 60-minutes of instructor-led time & 30-minutes of open gym

Pricing is based on the first 10 participating guests** and the birthday child is FREE: 

90 Minute Ninja Time Options

90-minutes Gym access only                               $230

90-minutes Gym + Self-serve Party Area            $280

60 Minute Ninja Time Options

60-minutes Gym access only                                 $190

60-minutes Gym + Self-serve Party Area              $240

**Each additional participating child is $15 for a 60-minute session or $18 for a 90-minute session.

Please call 313.626.0788

to book your party.

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