Martin Luther King Day Camp


Our mission is to provide a safe, encouraging, fun and empowering environment where kids can develop physical and mental stamina, foster a love of movement, and develop important life skills and confidence.

Get off the couch and into the game!

The primary learning goals are that children:

- Learn obstacle navigation skills including Ninja, Parkour and Rock Climbing.

- Develop better strength, balance, coordination, agility, and conditioning.

- Learn how to become a positive force for change, work as a team, and to respect others.


Our certified parkour instructors will use fun games and drills to teach Ninja, Parkour and Rock-climbing techniques. 


Campers will spend time connecting through fun discussions and activities that emphasis unity.



Fun small group activity including a Pac Man Tag, Donkey Kong Ropes Challenge and more


Special guests and activities will round out each day and offer ninjas an opportunity to learn about Parkour.


9:30 Power Up Welcome 

10:00 Skills Training

10:30 Fun Activities

11:00 Small Group

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Special Presentation

2:15 Break/Snack (provided)

2:30 Free Play

3:00 Power Up Goodbye 


Full Day:  $50/week

Half Day: $30/week


Camp Add-Ons

Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up

($5 for 1/2 hour or $10 per hour)

Before care begins at 8:00am; After care ends at 5:00pm. Picking up/dropping off a child more than 15 minutes before the start of camp/after the end of camp will result in a before/after care charge.


10% Sibling Discount

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