The Dream Team

Program Director & Head Instructor

Elija Sansom

Elija Kamal has tested obstacles for and/or competed in three seasons of NBC's American Ninja Warrior, more than 15 years of rock climbing instructing & training and has a Master's degree from Oakland University in Physical Therapy, and currently works at DMC's Rehab Institute of Michigan. He is a USA Parkour certified parkour instructor and has coached youth soccer. Enjoys basketball, snowboarding, dragon slaying, blah, blah, blah...

Operations Director

Shanna Sansom

Shanna is a media relations specialist. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, community outreach, operations, new media design, and grant writing. By day, she's a super-homeschool mom raising 3 amazing little ninjas. Former Latin dance competitor, she now enjoys weekly Zumba, Bokwa, and Pound fitness classes.


Ninja Trainer

Emmanuel Colo'n

Emmanuel is a rising college student at Macomb Community College. He enjoys sports and fitness such as football and martial arts.  For the last five years he has been a mega-sports volunteer coach during summer camps for kids and served in many outreaches in his community such as; Grace Centers of Hope, Forgotten Harvest and Micah 6 Community. His hobbies are playing the guitar, customizing hot wheel cars and clone war helmets ("I am a Star Wars fan!") His goal is to be one of the best coaches at Ganbaru and help the future ninja warriors overcome challenges and be the best that they can be.


"Kimi nara dekiruyo!"                 "Akirameruna!"

"you can do it"                             "Don't give up!"


Ninja Trainer Jrs.

Elias and Eliott

During the day, Elias and Eliott are regular boys, but at night they become Spinjitzu Masters for the Detroit Superhero Squad!  These boys are full of adventure and fun. Both have been rock climbing since they were in diapers. Parkour and ninja are their second language. As homeschoolers, Elias and Eliott are among the youngest Classical Conversation's memory masters. They love being big brothers to their baby sister Elianna, playing board games and sharing the love of God.